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Finally Finished the German WW2 Squad

2017-07-18 19:44:10 by Magnum47

Took me long enough, still need to get the MG Drum carrier though, and once that is done, BOOM German squad.


For the dynamics and components of the German Squad, please see this MIlitary History Visualized video.

EDIT: in the image where it says "x6" it should say "x5", I screwed up and did the math before I added the assistant squad leader.

Update on Flash

2017-06-19 14:55:27 by Magnum47

So, I tried to install Adobe Animate CC, and it won't. Because I need to update my PC. I learned my mistake there. Last time I did an update, well I ended up without any programs.

Anybody got any links to the 2014 version of Flash CC?


Shadilay brothers.

Praise Kek.

So my computer updated....

2017-05-17 15:29:16 by Magnum47

..... when i didn't want it to.

long story short my mouse got fucked up so i did a hard reset to fix it, ended up with my computer somehow uninstalling approximately 95 percent of my programs, including flash

so now all my files are rendered moot, void, useless

and it even uninstalled winrar. why winrar of all things

fuck bill gates

Collab progress gon' be REAL slow till school's out.

2017-04-12 20:19:27 by Magnum47

Yeah, so my genius ass decided it'd be great to enter not one, but two collabs before I have enough time to work on them.


So yeah, things are gonna be kinda slow for a bit. Thing is, if I'm making one character sprite, I can knock that out in a day or two, but a 15 second clip? six weeks i've been working on one for  ̶H̶2̶.̶5̶, and now I have a second due for  ̶B̶e̶t̶r̶a̶y̶a̶l̶. (should be public knowledge that I'm there, I commented on a public post.)

I'm probably gonna stick to sprites till sumer break, then I'll work more on the actual clips.

Well, I've been teasing long enough, time to release Version 1 of the Third Reich Sprites Pack.

Before you go to the links section, I must state that in certain countries Swastikas are Illegal unless in a form of art like movies or TV, or unless it is a relegious symbol.

I don't know many laws outside of the US regarding the swastika, just that under the WW2 context or nazi context it is illegal. I encourage you to look up your local laws regarding this topic.

In the days to come I will release a censored verison in which any offensive symbols are replaced or removed, so that those in countries where nazi symbols are illegal can safely use this sheet without fear of legal issues. If you want you can do this yourself, but regardless it is going to show up in a couple days.

Downloads :

The Third Reich Sheet.fla(Actionscript 3.0)

The Third Reich Sheet.swf



2017-03-10 02:46:45 by Magnum47


It is 2:am on a school night, I should be asleep, why did I make this.

Anybody got any explosives sprites?

2017-02-27 00:44:53 by Magnum47

not like bombs, but I'm talking things that blow up. Oil barrels, Boxes of ammo, Blocks of C4, etc.

Need them for a thing. I just have jerrycans and I need more than that.

Also sidenote, anybody got a working Vcam sprite for CC? I'm kinda a dummy and never found where to get something like the old cs# versions of flash and I can't fix outdated code for shit....

Wehrmacht troops are here!

2017-02-21 04:10:36 by Magnum47

got bored, sheet's coming to an end. decided to throw in some Wehrmacht guys before it's done.


Done being an attention/drama whore

2017-02-16 23:36:17 by Magnum47

Will probs only use my own stuff from now on. if not I credit. subtly. not going to stick out like a sore thumb but it'll be there.

 in the meantime here's an officer.