Entry #102

Update on Flash

2017-06-19 14:55:27 by Magnum47

So, I tried to install Adobe Animate CC, and it won't. Because I need to update my PC. I learned my mistake there. Last time I did an update, well I ended up without any programs.

Anybody got any links to the 2014 version of Flash CC?


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2017-06-19 15:30:35

I wanted to do it too, but i have excatly the same problem as you, dude. Anyone?


2017-06-19 16:07:52

Giving a link to the outdated version of flash cc would be pointless, since it always checks for update and will immediately update itself with or without the knowledge of the user.
But there you go: https://thepirateba y.org/torrent/9506778/Adobe_Fla sh_Pro_CC_13.1.0.226_(64_bit)_Multila nguage_[ChingLiu]
Without the spaces of course

(Updated ) Magnum47 responds:

Actually it didn't. IT couldn't update on my end because I disabled windows updates. I ain't reenableing them because the last win update I installed it wiped every program.

P.S. I can't use torrents and Piratebay got taken down a while ago so the links probably don't work.