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ww2 madness, an emerging genre.

Nice job, some inaccuracies though.

stylistic choices i won't critique, just the historical inaccuracies.

1. uniforms and equipment,
Germans wore grey, americans wore tan
the webbing for the americans was also tan
webbing for germans wrong shape
all germans have the same pouches.
2. medics
medics were not issued guns, they were non-combatants.
3. beards
all soldiers were clean-shaven upon being deployed. only the Gerbigsjäger and Kriegsmarine were allowed to grow beards.
4. german camo
i notice a distinct lack of camo patterns, and the german camo tunics were of a much different cut.

aside from that, solid film.

"Hey, that's pretty good."

I didn't know it was a collab until i looked at the credits and info.
den atta den

Kenamy responds:

I Though Usernames was something people atleast check once or twice, and look how big these letters are ! ;-;

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Could very well b e great, however some things bug me. The cursor is a bit lower than where it actually is and the text crawl is way too slow, and the lack of scenery is a bit annoying.

Good game, could play for quite a while if the cooking game wasn't nearly impossible.

pokkaloh responds:

Increase your cooking level by cooking simpler stuff.

you need to work on your boob physics, my dudes

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did not mean to vote 1

Cethic responds:

tis fine mang.

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Looks pretty good, but compared to my actual GP-5 there are some mistakes.

#1 Gp-5s are grey, this is black and thus a GP-5M.
#2 Eyeholes a bit too high up.
#3 Filter a bit too long.
#4 Lenses a bit too close to the surface.
#5 the folds near the filter are all wrong
#6 No stampings on either the mask or filter.
#7 GP-5s are rubber, so why the yellow stitching?
#8 lense holders a bit too thin
#9 Filter still has the plug in it.
#10 Clasps on filter holder and lense holders slightly off, and a lack of grey cloth under them.
#11 no visible stiffeners in the lenses, i know they are reflective but no matter how much those things are always visible on the outside, as they are right up against the lenses.
#12 No visible stiffener marks on the outside leading to the filter from the lenses either.
#13 eyeholes a bit too far apart.

But still, this is alot better than I'll ever be able to do, so props on that.
Like, not bashing you or anything, but those are just the flaws that jumped out at me compared to my own mask.

Cheers m8,

Carr77 responds:

Haha, thanks for your comment. I don't have a mask of my own, so some details were hard to find references for, so it's fun to see whether I managed to guess right or wrong concerning some of these details. The color of the mask (black) and the yellow stitching were creative decisions I made to make it look more cool, but besides from that I tried to be pretty accurate, so it's fun to read your comment and see how well I did / didn't do.

Perhaps you already saw it in the description, but in case you missed it, you can check out the mask in 3D in your browser at Artstation, in case you want to rotate the model around and check the details ;)


Bye & thanks for your comment!


nice art, butt you need to lay off that Krokodil man.

Cethic responds:

Monsters are my life's work.

Metalhead and WWII Reenactor. 12. ϟϟ Pz. Div. 1./Pz. Gr. Rgt. 25 ,,HJ''

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