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Magnum47's News

Posted by Magnum47 - 6 days ago



So, After watching the Madness Jailbreak collab, I got inspired by some of the sprites used for the enemies, and decided to make some Police, Swat, and National Guard sprites.

I chose EPD after my local police department, and the Blue uniform after the steryotypical policeman's uniform, jsut slightly more modern. The caps are still a work in progress.

Might make the glasses look more like Aviators, or I might leave them with the Agent style.


Posted by Magnum47 - 8 days ago


Medieval Agents. red face paint over their eyes to emulate the glasses of the classic agents, unarmoured and lightly armoured versions. The sigil on the surcoat was made to represent a red tie.

The helmet is a placeholder, I'll make an agent-specific helmet eventually. Or maybe just a blackened ringmail coif.

The armour consists of a surcoat over a gambeson, relatively light, could probably stop a sword strike or two, but is vulnerable to crossbows, bows, and most heavier weapons.

Next time, more weapons, shields, and ATP.

Posted by Magnum47 - 11 days ago



Got bored and dicked around a bit with flash. made a Sverd, some warhammers (one and two handed), and a medieval ax/hatchet. started work on some coifs.

I was considering making Agents being lightly armoured soldiers, ATP's being archers or arbalists, and Soldats being more medium armoured guys, with one eye slit in their helmets.

The Agents would have red paint over their eyes to take the place of glasses, and the ATP's and Soldats would have yellow paint on their faces/helmets.

Might be able to make the main cast of Madness combat in a medieval style. hmmm....

Posted by Magnum47 - 2 weeks ago



Also Falchions.

Posted by Magnum47 - 3 weeks ago


I believe it was Clee3rd who made some sword sprites a while back. Being a sword fanatic and medieval enthusiast I took it upon my self to improve the historical authenticity and expand from there. There are now varying pommels, crossguards, and grips, depending on the sword. Some have fullers, and some don't. And all of them have scabbards if their historical counterparts did. Designs are partially based on Darksword Armoury and partially on historical examples. A touch of fantasy on the Zweihänder. No Flammenschwert/Flammberg as of yet.

I also finished belts and HBT caps for the Yankees.


Also took my OC sprites and modified them to make a stoner.

Peace out till later dudes.


Posted by Magnum47 - May 11th, 2018

First off I might be getting a girlfriend soon, so maybe someone will be able to make me less of a shit human.

Working on more WW2 sprites and a few Vietnam ones.

Going to get tested for my permit soon.

And school's about to be over. I better hurry the fuck up with the girlfriend thing in that case.


Stay tuned folks, things may be getting more frequent perhaps.

Posted by Magnum47 - April 19th, 2018

If it would have worked out it would have been a Frontside Ollie 180. however i didn't bend for the pop and instead of landing it i pulled a muscle in my right thigh.

Ride quick die sick my dudes.


Posted by Magnum47 - April 13th, 2018

Ok now it's hot out.


like not even a day where it's kinda alright just straight to the hot days ok then.

i don't even have many pairs of shorts that fit. it's gonna be too hot for jeans soon.

kill me now.

Posted by Magnum47 - April 2nd, 2018

In April

This is springtime weather

Mother nature is smoking crack.

Posted by Magnum47 - March 22nd, 2018

Another year survived
Another year wasted
Another year alone

I mean hey, this can't be all bad. Maybe now I actually stand a chance at not being alone? I mean things seem to be going well with [REDACTED] so who knows?

Here's to another year of getting jack shit done! To another year of shredding and designing!