Entry #104

NEW OC : Friedhelm Müller

2017-08-04 13:21:59 by Magnum47

The facial hair was based off my own partial fuzz-goatee/kfc beard.

The name is the same name as my German name for re-enacting.

I would have used a front-right head, but I haven't finished the hair for that one.


Any criticisms or advice is welcome.


EDIT :  Because I made the hair a group, you can't really see the facial hair as the lines never got bigger. the final product will be a sprite.

In the future he may appear in Wehrmacht, SS, or any other uniform as I see fit at the time. this is just one example. If the time period is outside of WW2 he won't be dressed for WW2.


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2017-08-04 16:02:52

Do this mean it's your OC now?

Magnum47 responds:

Pretty much yeah, I already have the alias of Friedhelm Müller so why not give it another use?


2017-08-05 14:20:25

he looks cool

Magnum47 responds: